[Python-Dev] Numerical robustness, IEEE etc.

Nick Maclaren nmm1 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Sat Jun 24 11:48:09 CEST 2006

"Tim Peters" <tim.peters at gmail.com> wrote:
> > SC22WG14?  is that some marketing academy?  not a very good one, obviously.
> That's because it's European ;-)

Er, please don't post ironic satire of that nature - many people will
believe it!

ISO is NOT European.  It is the Internatational Standards Organisation,
of which ANSI is a member.  And, for reasons and with consequences that
are only peripherally relevant, SC22WG14 has always been dominated by
ANSI.  In fact, C89 was standardised by ANSI (sic), acting as an agent
for ISO.  C99 was standardised by ISO directly, but for various reasons
only some of which I know, was even more ANSI-dominated than C89.

Note that I am NOT saying "big bad ANSI", as a large proportion of that
was and is the ghastly support provided by many countries to their
national standards bodies.  The UK not excepted.

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