[Python-Dev] Problems building Python on OSX 10.4.6?

J. Jeffrey Close jjeffreyclose at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 23:03:10 CEST 2006

[Bleh, sorry about the subject line on my first post. 
Forgot to edit it before I sent.]

Hi all,

I have been trying for some time to build Python 2.4.x
from source on OS X 10.4.6.  I've found *numerous*
postings on various mailing lists and web pages
documenting the apparently well-known problems of
doing so.  Various problems arise either in the
./configure step, with configure arguments that don't
work, or in the compile, or in my case in the link
step with libtool.

The configure options I'm using are the following:
--enable-framework --with-pydebug --with-debug=yes
--prefix=/usr --with-dyld --program-suffix=.exe

I've managed to get past configure and can compile
everything, but in the link I get the error "Undefined
symbols:  ___eprintf" .  This appears to have
something to do with dynamic library loading not
properly pulling in libgcc.  I've tried with -lgcc in
the LD options, but that produces a configure error
"cannot compute sizeof...".

If I remove "--enable-framework" the complete build
works, but unfortunately that is the one critical
element that I need.

The web pages I've found referring to this range from
2001 to present -- still apparently everybody is
having problems with this.  Does *anybody* here have
Python built from source on this OS?


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