[Python-Dev] xturtle.py a replacement for turtle.py(!?) ATTENTION PLEASE!

Gregor Lingl glingl at aon.at
Thu Jun 29 00:37:49 CEST 2006

Fredrik Lundh schrieb:
> Gregor Lingl wrote:
>> What a shame!! An immanent bug, persistent
>> for years now!
>> Is this what Anthony Baxter calls
>> "the most solid Python release ever"
> do you really think stuff like this helps your cause ?
Perhaps it dosn't help the turtle - cause. (I confess, I was a bit
upset, please excuse!)

But please let me clarify one point.

I made xturtle.py and that was a big effort. And I offer it to replace
turtle.py. I do this because I'm a Python enthusiast and I want a better
Python. (And I know very well that my contribution is rather marginal).
We all, I think, have this motive. And of course it was my
fault to submit it too late.

So, if you can't accept that offer - now, or even ever - , because it 
contradicts your rules,
that's o.k. But it's not 'my cause'. I concieve it to be the community's 

I, for my part, can and will use xturtle.py, knowing and having the 
experience, that it is
far superior to turtle.py. So I have no problem. And I'll offer it for 
download from
the xturtle-webpage or from wherever you suggest. So it will be freely 
(Perhaps a sourceforge project would be appropriate. Give me your 
advice, please)

The only point is, that it leaves Python's turtle.py an (imho) 
unsatisfactory solution.
See for instance Vern Ceder judgment:


Final remark: I know, that my English is not very good. So I feel, that 
possibly I  have not complete
control over the 'undertones' of my writing. If sombody feels offended, 
please excuse,
that was not my intent.

> </F>
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