[Python-Dev] xturtle.py a replacement for turtle.py(!?) ATTENTION PLEASE!

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Jun 29 15:27:44 CEST 2006

Gregor Lingl wrote:
> So, if you can't accept that offer - now, or even ever - , because it
>  contradicts your rules, that's o.k. But it's not 'my cause'. I 
> concieve it to be the community's cause.

All "we" said is that we cannot integrate it now, as a policy matter.
Nobody said it can't be integrated for 2.6; I am in favour of doing

However, I do think that a number of changes need to be made still;
I'll post my first review on the SF tracker item when SF comes back.

> I, for my part, can and will use xturtle.py, knowing and having the 
> experience, that it is far superior to turtle.py. So I have no 
> problem. And I'll offer it for download from the xturtle-webpage or 
> from wherever you suggest. So it will be freely available. (Perhaps a
> sourceforge project would be appropriate. Give me your advice, 
> please)

You should add it into the Cheeshop: python.org/pypi
Notice that the Cheeseshop already knows about turtle2.py
by Mark Summerfield.

> The only point is, that it leaves Python's turtle.py an (imho) 
> unsatisfactory solution.

Looking at the feature list on #1513695, I think none of the
new feature really make turtle.py look "unsatisfactory":

- better animation of turtle movements: yes, this is a good
  thing to have, but not absolutely necessary. The current
  turtle already displays the orientation after it has turned.
- different turtle shapes. It's probably fun to play with
  these, but (IMO) a distraction from the module's primary
  purpose (although fun certainly also is a purpose of the
  module). OTOH, perhaps the original Logo turtle icon
  should be the default?
- fine control over turtle movement (in particular speed)
  Why are these needed?
- Aliases for the most common functions. I guess it's useful,
  but if it was unsatisfactory not to have them, somebody
  would have contributed a patch for turtle.py already.
- scrollable canvas. I had a hard time to figure out what
  method to use to resize the canvas (and am still uncertain
  whether rescaling is supported or not)
- background color and image. Again, this looks like a
  distraction to me, but I see that Logo tutorials use
  this (along with turtle shapes like "C64 sprites"), so
  I guess there is a point to them, also.

The only respect in which I would consider turtle.py
unsatisfactory is the true bugs. At the moment, I can
only see one open turtle.py bug reported, namely
#1047540 (where the submitter later says it might be
an IDLE bug).


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