[Python-Dev] When will regex really go away?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu Mar 2 16:43:30 CET 2006

    Neal> I'll do this, except there are some issues:

    Neal>  * Lib/reconvert.py imports regex.  Ok to move regex,regsub,recovert to lib-old?
    Neal>  * ./Demo/pdist/rcslib.py & ./Demo/sockets/mcast.py import regsub....
    Neal>  * A whole mess of Demos and Tools use regex.  What to do about them?

How about creating Demo/old and populating it with stuff that imports regex,
regsub or reconvert?

    Neal> I don't know how to convert the uses of regsub to re, any
    Neal> volunteers?

Whippersnapper...  sheesh!  I still remember when all we had was regex.  And
we were thankful for it, by golly.  Now you'd think the young-uns never knew
it existed. <wink>

As for converting from regex to re that's what reconvert is for.  Give it a
whirl.  The docstring shows how to use it.  Yet another Andrew Kuchling gem
as I recall (or maybe an effbot gem).  Either way, I was happy it was there
when I needed it.  Go in peace, reconvert.


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