[Python-Dev] Bug in from __future__ processing?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 05:34:55 CET 2006

>> Doesn't look like Guido responded, so I'll channel him and declare
>> that he intended to agree with me after all ;-)

> It was so obvious that you were right I didn't bother to agree at the
> time. But yes, I agree.

Of course you do.  It was obvious to you, and therefore-- as your
professional channeler --it was also obvious to me.  For some
inscrutable reason, though, others tend to imagine looming disasters
in silence, instead of just plucking your comforting thoughts from the
aether ;-)

> And I swear on a stack of Python 1.5.2 language reference manuals that you
> didn't have to twist my arm. :-)

Indeed!  But whose arm could we twist to get them to repair the
compiler in 2.4?  I'd settle for a blurb in the next 2.4 NEWS just
noting that 2.5 will follow the documented syntax.  That may even be
desirable, to avoid breaking working (albeit by accident) code across
a micro release.

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