[Python-Dev] C++ for CPython 3? (Re: str.count is slow)

Wolfgang Langner tds333+2006 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 10:12:49 CET 2006


> >should we perhaps switch to (careful use of) C++ in 3.0 ?
> I can't see many advantages in moving to C++, but a lot of disadvantages:
> - Size increase, especially when we start using templates
> - Performance decrease
> - Problems with name mangling together with dynamic loading and cross
> module API's
> - Everything has to be build with the same compiler, binaries created
> with different compilers can't interoperate
> - Possibly all extensions modules have to be (re)written in C++
> - Moving to C++ will change Python's well known API substantially

Same opinion. C++ is evil, please don't use it.
You get a lot of new problems and nearly not benefit.

Better go to jython or consider the way of pypy.

bye by Wolfgang

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