[Python-Dev] Slightly OT: Replying to posts

Talin talin at maxis.com
Wed Mar 1 19:59:44 CET 2006

Just a quick question about the mechanics of replying to this list.

I am a subscriber to the list, however I much prefer readiing the list 
archives on the web instead of having the postings delivered to my email 
account. Because of this, I have delivery turned off in the mailing list 
preferences. I particularly dislike the idea of wasting bandwidth and 
disk space on something that I am not going to read.

However, I would like to be able to reply to posts in such a way as to 
have them appear in the appropriate place in the thread hierarchy. Since 
I don't have the original email, I cannot reply to it directly; instead 
I have to create a new, non-reply email and send it to the list. Simply 
editing the subject line to put "Re: subject" would seem to be insufficient.

Does anyone have a trick for managing this? Or is there a FAQ that 
someone can point me to that addresses this issue?

-- Talin

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