[Python-Dev] Generated code in test_ast.py

Grant Olson olsongt at verizon.net
Thu Mar 9 00:55:01 CET 2006

I’m finishing up a patch for bug 1441408.  I had to change the asdl definitions
which in turn caused a failure in test_ast.py.  A comment in the file indicates
that #### EVERYTHING BELOW IS GENERATED ##### and has a definition for Slice()
that is no longer valid.  Can anyone tell me how this is generated? Should it be
automatically generated when I run asdl_c.py?

I'm developing on Windows.  I know in the past some of the autogenerated code
from the ast-branch worked better via make.  Would this have fixed itself on a
linux box, or is this a manual process?


P.S.  Originally sent this on Monday, still waiting moderator approval.  Thought
I'd give gmane a try.

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