[Python-Dev] Bug Day?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 03:30:42 CET 2006

[Georg Brandl]
> I know, PyCon's just been, but not many bugs were closed

Ya, it was very much a development sprint this year -- "new features".

> and there really ought to be some issues resolved before 2.4.3 happens.
> The number of open bugs is again crawling to 900.
> I myself are looking at many bugs and patches over time, but with
> most of them I can't decide alone what to do. Writing here every
> time doesn't seem like the most sensible thing too.
> So, is there interest? Can I do anything to make it easier?

Some bug days would be an excellent idea.  Given my current schedule,
I'm afraid the only days I could make time are those whose names end
with "y" ;-)

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