[Python-Dev] [Python-checkins] r42929 - python/trunk/Tools/scripts/svneol.py

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 21:30:14 CET 2006

[Tim Peters]
>> Added:
>>    python/trunk/Tools/scripts/svneol.py   (contents, props changed)
>> Log:
>> Simple utility to add svn:eol-style to text files under
>> SVN control.  Like reindent.py, I expect to run this
>> mindlessly from time to time, checking in whatever it
>> happens to do ;-)

[Thomas Heller]
> Should 'sln' and 'vcproj' be added to the extensions list?  I think these are
> text-files too.  Although PCBuild\pcbuild.sln has a binary mime-type property,
> so the script would not change that.

I don't know whether they're text files in the SVN eol-style "native"
sense.  The corresponding file types under VC 6 were not:  in SVN
terms, they should have svn:eol-style set to CRLF (Visual Studio
required \r\n line ends for some inscrutable reason -- it would not
tolerate \n line ends, and this mattered when, e.g., some Linux-head
tried to run Visual Studio from a Linux-native checkout of Python;
CRLF was still required, and we "faked that" under CVS by calling
those files binary; SVN offers finer control; I don't know how picky
the .NET 2003 MSDev is about this).

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