[Python-Dev] Coverity Open Source Defect Scan of Python

Ben Chelf ben at coverity.com
Tue Mar 7 09:58:01 CET 2006

> The Coverty marketing droids need to be a bit less anal about getting
> people to register at the website.  IMHO, the technology should be

Honestly, I laughed out loud when I read this. ;) So thanks for that.

> I'd also encourage Coventry to explain their business model a bit more
> clearly.  Coventry seems to be supportive of open source projects.  
> Coverty also seems to be targeting big companies as customers.  It's not
> clear how arbitrary open source projects (and small companies and
> individuals) will be able to take advantage of Coventry's products and
> services.

Here's my take on this -- in the last couple of years, I've personally 
been to hundreds of companies (some big, some small) in an effort to get 
our technology out there. Of course it's no surprise that I see open 
source projects everywhere -- as part of infrastructure or part of code 
bases that people are developing. So from a Coverity perspective, 
clearly we want to provide source code analysis for the projects that 
our customers care about (their own as well as open source).

Putting on my idealistic hat and remembering back my grad school days, I 
think we're on to something very new in the world of source code 
analysis. I really just want every developer to use source code analysis 
while they write code (remember, idealistic :)). We got a lot of the 
good publicity in the research lab because there existed this big open 
source OS that we could test our theories on. So from that angle, I 
think it makes sense for Coverity to have a strong relationship with the 
open source community since that community has been helping us pretty 
much since day 1. This project is just the next step in that...it's 
certainly not the last.

There's plenty more to do to target every developer.


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