[Python-Dev] decorator module patch

Raymond Hettinger raymond.hettinger at verizon.net
Sun Mar 12 22:14:42 CET 2006

[Ian Bicking]
>> memoize seems to fit into functools fairly well, though deprecated not
>> so much.  functools is similarly named to itertools, another module
>> that
>> is kind of vague in scope (though functools is much more vague).
>> partial would make just as much sense in functools as in functional.

> Couldn't we merge functools and functional into just one (user-
> visible) module? The distinction between what goes into one vs the
> other is exceedingly subtle and poor users will be guessing as to
> what's where. If we need a mixed module with something in C and
> something in Python, we can do it the usual way, func.py wrapping
> _func.pyd (or .so or whatever)...

+1 on putting the tools all in one module.

With respect to decorator entries, I would like to see python-dev collectively 
decide to show restraint.  There are so many ways to write and use decorators 
that best-of-the-best are not yet obvious.  Hopefully, collections of decorators 
will be allowed to grow-in-the-wild as recipes and as third-party modules before 
being put into the core.  Georg's proposal seems like a good candidate for a 
first entry -- its chief virtue being that it may help people avoid writing 
crummy decorators.  If his goes in, hopefully it will not fall down a slippery 
slope and trigger an avalance of immature decorators being added to the core.



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