[Python-Dev] Still looking for volunteer to run Windows buildbot

Trent Mick trentm at ActiveState.com
Sun Mar 12 23:41:48 CET 2006

[Tim Peters wrote]
> Setup is hellish, 

Agreed, though I have everything going with my own testing buildbot
master (everything for the trunk build that is). My only remaining
problem is that I can't connect to python.org's master. (Following up
with Martin.)

> The second-worst part was figuring out which parts of various software
> docs could be ignored.

Did you apply the Berkeley DB patches to your db-4.2.52 sources?

> I recorded all that remained here:
>     http://wiki.python.org/moin/BuilbotOnWindows

correction for others:

> > "x86 XP-2 trunk". I'd still like to give it a go. The machine I'd use
> > (initially at least) would be Win2k -- so not just a dupe of Tim's WinXP
> > box.
> That would be great.  A dupe of WinXP would also be great:  I'm not
> going to keep my buildbot slave up all the time, or anywhere near all
> the time.

I'm worried about the load this is going to cause on this machine with a
new build for every checkin (granted they are serialized so not for
*every* checkin). The full (doubled) test suite takes a *long* time to
run on Windows. It looks like it took about 25 minutes on your box. It
is taking over 40 minutes on one of my machines here. :( This Windows
box needs an enema.

Remaining TODOs:
- get connection to python.org master working
- make sure the python24-maint branch one works
- see about the load issue
- get the build slaves running as a Windows service
- update PCbuild/readme.txt


Trent Mick
TrentM at ActiveState.com

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