[Python-Dev] About "Coverity Study Ranks LAMP Code Quality"

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Mon Mar 13 16:37:25 CET 2006

"fermigier" <sf at nuxeo.com> wrote:

> "Perl had a defect density of only 0.186. In comparison Python had a
> defect density of 0.372 and PHP was actually above both the baseline and
> LAMP averages at 0.474."
> This is of course a PR stunt. But I'm wondering if the actual "bugs"
> list was transmitted to Python developers, and verified / acted upon.

according to


perl is currently at 0.151 and Python 2.5 trunk is at 0.055.  looks like the
perlheads decided to write press releases rather than fixing their core...

(given how Coverity works, the "raw" unreviewed defect density figure is
relatively useless, and anyone using that for marketing is a complete idiot.
I've no time to read the article, but I do hope it's not some Coverity guy
you've quoted...)

(also note that most true Python bugs found by Coverity are of the "may
leak or misbehave under extreme pressure, in the unlikely event that you
get here under such circumstances...")


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