[Python-Dev] Topic suggestions from the PyCon feedback

A.M. Kuchling amk at amk.ca
Tue Mar 14 04:22:19 CET 2006

Those of you on python-checkins will have noticed the recent fiddling
around with the feedback from PyCon.  

I'd like to draw the attention of the python-dev readership to the
answers for the question "What 3 topics should have been covered at
PyCon?"  I split out core Python and web-related topics into their own
lists.   Here's the core Python list:

Usage of new/advanced python features  (12)
Python Best Practices  (3)
Design Patterns in Python  (3)
Anything Alex Martelli wants to talk about.    (3)
Advanced Python: metaclasses, descriptors, decorators  (3)
Strategies for integrating C and Python  (2)
Problems with python  (2)
Iterators and Generators  (2)
Ways to improve performance of Python code  (1)
Standard library gems/ unsung modules  (1)
Python Language perspective from non-Guido PEP members  (1)
Py3K  (1)
More on Python internals  (1)
Language howtos (I really enjoyed Alex Martelli's talk last year on itertools)  (1)
Getting started hacking python source  (1)
Decimal for Experts  (1)
Better Development Practices with Python  (1)
Being more productive with Python  (1)

In the first entry, "new/advanced features" = a fuzzy set containing
generators, iterators, metaclasses, __slots__, and decorators.  When
2.5 is released, this set will probably grow to include the 'with'
statement's context managers and coroutines.  Some of the other
entries in the above list overlap with the first entry.

The conclusion I draw from these results: intermediate- or
advanced-level topics of program design are not covered enough,
whether in the Python documentation, in published books and articles,
or in PyCon talks.  Please feel free to mine the above list, or the
rest of the PyCon feedback, for topic ideas.

In particular: if you're going to attend PyCon 2007, EuroPython, or
some other conference (even a non-Python one), please consider
submitting a talk proposal covering one of the above topics.  Such
presentations would find a receptive audience, I think.


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