[Python-Dev] Still looking for volunteer to run Windows buildbot

Trent Mick trentm at ActiveState.com
Tue Mar 14 04:48:31 CET 2006

[Mark Hammond wrote]
> Maybe the following VBScript "port" of the above will work:
> ...

Cool, yes that works.

> Running "cscript.exe check_soundcard.vbs" and checking the return code
> should work.  cscript.exe comes with all modern Windows variants, and
> although there may be ways to install Windows without it, I think we can
> safely assume it exists for these purposes.

I have a patch in the works that defaults to "yes, this machine does
have a soundcard" if cscript.exe cannot be found on the PATH.

However, one wrinkle: test_winsound.py is made up of three test cases:
only the last need be skipped if there is not soundcard. However,
TestSkipped only works add the module level. So, which is better:

1. Use TestSkipped and skip all three test cases if there is not sound
   card. Running the test suite will actually show that something is
   being skipped.

2. Conditionally define class PlaySoundTest only if there is a
   soundcard. Running the test suite on a machine without a soundcard
   will not show that something is being skipped but *will* run the Beep

3. Break out test_winsound.py into two test modules: one with the beep
   tests and one with PlaySoundTest (the latter using TestSkipped).


Trent Mick
TrentM at ActiveState.com

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