[Python-Dev] bytes thoughts

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at uci.edu
Fri Mar 17 19:38:34 CET 2006

"Christos Georgiou" <tzot at mediconsa.com> wrote:
> [Christos]
> > These details should be considered in the PEP.
> [Josiah]
> > They aren't considered because they are *obvious* to most (if not all)
> > sane people who use Python.
> I beg to disagree.  I don't know whether you are Dutch or not, but most of

There's probably a bit of dutch in me, but likely not sufficient to
alter my language intuitions.

> the Python users aren't; one of the reason PEPs exist is to explain what
> *should* "be obvious at first" when one is Dutch ;-)  Apart from joking,
> PEPs should be a record of beating/thinking the PEP subject to its death:
> "The PEP author is responsible for building consensus within the
> community and documenting dissenting opinions."

Considering your quote, I have thusfar not seen any opinion dissenting
from what I stated as 'obvious' behavior.  As I told Michael Chermside
off-list: "Sure, great, clarify it.  I wasn't saying anything in regards
to whether it should or shouldn't [be clarified], just why it probably
wasn't already."

Also considering that I lack SVN commit permission, it's not within my
power to clarify the PEP.

 - Josiah

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