[Python-Dev] Python 2.5 Schedule

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Sat Mar 18 17:48:39 CET 2006

>I posted a message to c.l.p about the upcoming alpha 1.
> Just in case anybody here's been snoozing, 2.5 alpha 1 is coming up
> real quick, hopefully within a couple of weeks.  If you have any
> *major* features (particularly implemented in C) that you want to see
> in 2.5, bring it up now.  I want to strive for feature completeness by
> alpha 1.  I know we will have some .py modules that won't make it into
> alpha 1, but they really should make it in by alpha 2 or be deferred
> to 2.6.

FYI, I have several non-major C components to go in but not in time for alpha 1. 
They include some minor fix-ups in the sets module, the str.partition function, 
add gc to itertools.tee, a couple of functions in binascii, add 
itertools.izip_longest, Crutcher's patch to make exec take dictionary arguments, 
move the peepholer to just before the assembler, and implement Alex's iterator 
copier for a number of iterables (xrange, repeat, count, reversed, list, tuple, 
deque, dict, and set).  All of these have been previously discussed/approved and 
should go in to the second alpha.

The only one that is borderline is Crutcher's patch.  I will try to free up some 
time to get that into alpha 1.  It touches critical parts of the interpreted and 
needs to be reviewed, tested, timed, and exercised thoroughly.


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