[Python-Dev] GeneratorExit inheriting from Exception

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 03:58:13 CET 2006

Terry Reedy wrote:
> Exception
> +- KeyboardInterrupt
> +- GeneratorExit
> +- SystemExit
> +- StopIteration
> This would look even better to me and be easier to learn and remember if 
> the above specifics were gathered under one general category parallel to 
> Error and Warning.  Not sure what.  Not NonErrorNonWarning though. 
> SystemException is too long and too specific.  Maybe Control?
> No, I don't have a specific use other than didactic, but that is worth 
> something, and I can imagine that someone else might.

I'd vote for ControlFlowException if StopIteration is included in the 
category, and TerminatingException if it isn't.


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