[Python-Dev] improving quality

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 09:01:15 CEST 2006

[Neal Norwitz]
> If you really can't figure out any way to test the change, please
> describe why in your checkin message.  Just make sure it's true.  It
> would be quite embarrassing to have your whole theory trashed when
> Uncle Timmy comes along 5 minutes later and checks in the test you
> just claimed was impossible. :-)

And I, for one, find that especially embarrassing when Uncle Timmy did
the original checkin ;-)

BTW, I just noticed that the Mac buildbot died with a segfault on the
2.4 branch, a few tests after test_capi "finished".  I'll backport the
fix for that from the trunk now.

BTW2, has anyone tested their favorite extension module on the trunk
with a release build?  If you don't start reporting horrible problems,
I'm not going to revert the patch that causes them :-)

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