[Python-Dev] pysqlite for 2.5?

Gerhard Häring gh at ghaering.de
Tue Mar 28 10:26:11 CEST 2006

Georg Brandl wrote:
> Anthony Baxter wrote:
>>This came up before (back in October 2004!) but didn't go anywhere 
>>since, AFAICR. Do we want to consider including pysqlite in Python 
>>2.5? It's the only DB adaptor that I'd really consider suitable for 
>>shipping with the distribution, because it's self-contained.
>>What's people's thoughts?
> OTOH, +1 for a simple DB wrapper that makes it easy to start with DB-enabled
> applications. The trouble with it can't be worse than the BSDDB issues ;)
> OTOH, pysqlite2 seems to have had a fairly rapid sequence of releases in the
> past. 

That's because I decided for a more rapid release cycle than I used in 
the past. If bugs are fixed and no features planned to implement in the 
near future, I made a release.

> I don't know whether it is now bug-free (the website claims that the
> 2.1 branch should be stable, and the 2.0 branch has proven stable).

There have been no more bug reports since 2.1, so I'm confident that all 
the glitches the switch to transparent compiled statements in 2.1 
introduced are fixed now.

> There also have been some API changes in the 2.0.x line, like the introduction
> of executemany() which broke e.g. SQLObject.

I missed that, can you provide a link please? pysqlite 2 was announced 
to be incompatible with pysqlite 1. I don't think there were any 
backwards incompatible API changes in the 2.x line.

> Anyway, almost all popular web frameworks rely on PySQLite and seem to work
> well with it.
> Of course, speaking with Gerhard will be the way to find out more.

I'll try to throw in a bit more information that will be necessary for 
this discussion:

pysqlite 2.x is (almost) feature complete now. I've a few more changes 
sitting in SVN trunk that are waiting for the pysqlite 2.2 release. 
These are all about wrapping more of the SQLite API, like custom collations.

I *am* willing to be a maintainer of an SQLite module for Python. I will 
gladly help writing a PEP for it. But I won't be the champion for the 
idea, because I'm only +0 on adding external libraries to Python, like 
elementtree, or ctypes, or pysqlite instead of relying on 
setuptools/Cheese Shop.

I could probably be convinced that a fat Python is still a good idea 
nowadays, though :-)

-- Gerhard

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