[Python-Dev] I'm not getting email from SF when assigned abug/patch

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Mar 28 21:07:00 CEST 2006

skip at pobox.com wrote:
> Roundup is there now, right (sans SF export)?  

Richard Jones has an SF importer for one of the two XML-like formats,
the one that is correct XML but with incomplete data. The other format,
which has complete data but is ill-formed XML, has no importer into
roundup at the moment.

> Trac is being used by the
> folks doing the new website.  What other candidates are being considered?

My view is that nothing should be "considered" unless there is
a) a volunteer to operate the tracker (or, failing that, somebody who
   does it for money), and
b) an importer of whatever data SF can provide.


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