[Python-Dev] PySet API

Raymond Hettinger raymond.hettinger at verizon.net
Thu Mar 30 20:09:40 CEST 2006

>> The idea is not yet ready for prime-time.  If I do it for one of the named
>> operations, I will do it for all (to keep the interface uniform).

> Which named operations are you thinking of?

s.union(t), s.intersection(t),  s.difference(t), s.symmetric_difference(t), 
s.update(t), s.intersection_update(t),  s.difference_update(t), 

> if you can't make vararg PySet_Update() insanely fast,
> does that mean you won't add a vararg version?


Please leave this one alone.  I still need to work on this part of the API and 
do not currently have the spare clock cycles to do it right now.  You don't HAVE 
to jam something in right away.  Please let it continue to cook and not muck it 
up through over-enthusiasm.  If I had time to explain/debate every darned aspect 
of what is under consideration, then it would have been done already. The fierce 
insistence for the patch is pre-mature and is grotesquely out-of-proportion to 
any potential benefit.  Please do not jam this one down my throat -- the 
function is not necessary to have right away -- you're talking about nanoseconds 
of efficiency and a microscopically shorter call.  Sorry, I need to stop wasting 
time on this thread.  It has consumed far too much development time already. 
Please write a one-line macro for yourself and leave this alone so I can 
continue the development efforts at a thoughtful pace.


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