[Python-Dev] Nasty trunk test failures

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 04:34:04 CEST 2006

> tokenize seems to be mishandling this line:
>         assert 6 .__index__() == 6
> Note the space between '6' and '.'.
> I'm guessing that the untokenization of this somehow drops the space;
> this seems to be a bug in untokenize() which probably should add a
> safety space after names as well as numbers. Yes, this fixes the
> problem:

Thanks!  It's nice to get a break from the "you found it, you fix it" rule ;-)

> Then there's another (shallow) problem that only occurs when I run
> test_tokenize.py directly -- the doctest for decistmt()
> has-3.21716034272e-007 but (on my box) this outputs
> -3.21716034272e-07. That doesn't seem to bother it when run via
> regrtest.py. I'm not sure what's at fault here.

I'll return the favor, then:  decistmt's doctests don't run at all
when test_tokenize is run indirectly via regrtest.py.  I'll fix that
(and worm around the Windows-specific expected output).

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