[Python-Dev] Assigning "Group" on SF tracker?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Tue May 2 02:41:14 CEST 2006

[John J Lee]
> When opening patches on the SF tracker for bugs that affect Python 2.5,
> but may be candidates for backporting (to 2.4 ATM), should I leave "Group"
> as "None", or set it to "Python 2.5" to indicate it affects 2.5?
> If it's known to be a candidate for backporting, should I set it to
> "Python 2.4" to indicate that?
> I'm guessing I should always select "Python 2.5" if it affects 2.5, but
> I've been using "None" up till now, I think...

I think it's best to set it to the earliest still-maintained Python
version to which it applies.  So that would be 2.4 now.  The body of
the report should say that the problem still exists in 2.5 (assuming
it does).

Or ;-) you could set it to 2.5, and note in the body that it's also a
bug in 2.4.

The _helpful_ part is that it be clear the bug exists in both 2.4 and
2.5 (when you know that), so that the next helpful elf doesn't have to
figure that out again.

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