[Python-Dev] correction of a bug

draconux draconux at gmail.com
Sat May 13 17:30:40 CEST 2006

Hello all ,

I found a bug in python
I'm using python 2.4 with debian etch

string.lstrip("source/old_prog","source/") return "ld_prog" instead of
So I wanted to create a patch in order to contribute to python, but I have
some question :

- grep 'def lstrip' show that this function are defined in string.py
In this fill I read :

# NOTE: Everything below here is deprecated.  Use string methods instead.
# This stuff will go away in Python 3.0.

so lstrip is deprecated, and we are recommanded to use string method
But this is string.py which define string method, isn't it ?

- The function lstrip is :
  def lstrip(s, chars=None):
    """lstrip(s [,chars]) -> string

    Return a copy of the string s with leading whitespace removed.
    If chars is given and not None, remove characters in chars instead.

    return s.lstrip(chars)

but where is defined this lstrip(chars) function ????
I can't found it with grep.

Sorry I'm a c programer, and I'm not used with python
for me, It's easier to debug c program than python :)
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