[Python-Dev] 2.5 schedule

Neal Norwitz nnorwitz at gmail.com
Tue May 23 08:00:55 CEST 2006

Anthony's schedule is a bit up in the air which means this schedule
does not reflect what reality will be.  Perhaps we will skip a3
altogether which will give more time in a sense, though not in reality
since b1 in that case will hopefully be on or before June 14.  FWIW:

    alpha 3: May 25, 2006 [planned]
    beta 1:  June 14, 2006 [planned]
    beta 2:  July 6, 2006 [planned]
    rc 1:    July 27, 2006 [planned]
    final:   August 3, 2006 [planned]

As for wanting to get more things in, people ought to communicate that
here.  If there's something that should be added to the PEP, everyone
needs to know.


On 5/21/06, Aahz <aahz at pythoncraft.com> wrote:
> On Sun, May 21, 2006, Neal Norwitz wrote:
> > On 5/19/06, Anthony Baxter <anthony at interlink.com.au> wrote:
> >>
> >>Remember, the feature freeze isn't until beta1. New stuff can still go
> >>in after the next alpha, before beta1.
> >
> > I agree. Of course, it's preferable to get things in ASAP to get more
> > testing.
> Nevertheless, I still think that putting out an alpha during or right
> before a major sprint is awkward at best.  My testing is more focused on
> alpha releases than the trunk, and I think other people work similarly.
> Except for Anthony, the responses you've gotten to this surprising
> change have been negative; this doesn't seem in keeping with our usual
> decision-making process.
> BTW, the PEP on python.org hasn't been updated.  Please post the current
> schedule here.
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