[Python-Dev] dictionary order

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Sun May 28 21:12:16 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I'm playing with dicts that mangle the hash they receive before using it
for hashing.  The goal was to detect obscure dict order dependencies in
my own programs, but I couldn't resist and ran the Python test suite
with various mangling schemes.  As expected -- what is not tested is
broken -- I found and fixed tons of small dependencies in the tests
themselves, plus one in base64.py.

Now I'm stumbling upon this test for urllib2:

    >>> mgr = urllib2.HTTPPasswordMgr()
    >>> add = mgr.add_password
    >>> add("Some Realm", "http://example.com/", "joe", "password")
    >>> add("Some Realm", "http://example.com/ni", "ni", "ni")
    Currently, we use the highest-level path where more than one

    >>> mgr.find_user_password("Some Realm", "http://example.com/ni")
    ('joe', 'password')

Returning the outermost path is a bit strange, if you ask me, but I am
no expert here.  Stranger is the fact that the actual implement actually
returns, not the outermost path at all -- there is no code to do that --
but a random pick, the first match in dictionary order.  The comment in
the test is just misleading.  I believe that urllib2 should be fixed to
always return the *innermost* path, but I need confirmation about

A bientot,


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