[Python-Dev] PEP: Adding data-type objects to Python

Ron Adam rrr at ronadam.com
Wed Nov 1 00:58:39 CET 2006

> The only benefit I imagine would be for an extension module library 
> writer and for users of the struct and array modules.  But, other than 
> that, I don't know.  It actually doesn't have to be exposed to Python. 
> I used Python notation in the PEP to explain what is basically a 
> C-structure.  I don't care if the object ever gets exposed to Python.
> Maybe that's part of the communication problem.

I get the impression where ctypes is good for accessing native C libraries from 
within python, the data-type object is meant to add a more direct way to share 
native python object's *data* with C (or other languages) in a more efficient 
way.  For data that can be represented well in continuous memory address's, it 
lightens the load so instead of a list of python objects you get an "array of 
data for n python_type objects" without the duplications of the python type for 
every element.

I think maybe some more complete examples demonstrating how it is to be used 
from both the Python and C would be good.


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