[Python-Dev] PEP: Extending the buffer protocol to share arrayinformation.

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Wed Nov 1 05:01:27 CET 2006

"Travis Oliphant" <oliphant.travis at ieee.org> wrote in message 
news:ei8ors$7m4$1 at sea.gmane.org...
>Examples of Need
< I could have also included examples from PyGame, OpenGL, etc.  I thought
>people were more aware of this argument as we've made it several times
>over the years.  It's just taken this long to get to a point to start
>asking for something to get into Python.

The problem of data format definition and sharing of data between 
applications has been a bugaboo of computer science for decades.  But some 
have butted their heads against it more than others.

Something which made a noticeable dent in the problem, by making sharing 
'just work' more easily, would, to me, be a read plus for python.


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