[Python-Dev] idea for data-type (data-format) PEP

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Wed Nov 1 17:58:05 CET 2006

Travis E. Oliphant wrote:
> Thanks for all the comments that have been given on the data-type 
> (data-format) PEP.  I'd like opinions on an idea for revising the PEP I 
> have.

> 1) We could define a special string-syntax (or list syntax) that covers 
> every special case.  The array interface specification goes this 
> direction and it requires no new Python types.  This could also be seen 
> as an extension of the "struct" module to allow for nested structures, etc.
> 2) We could define a Python object that specifically carries data-format 
> information.
> Does that explain the goal of what I'm trying to do better?

In other-words, what I'm saying is I really want a PEP that does this. 
Could we have a discussion about what the best way to communicate 
data-format information across multiple extension modules would look 
like.  I'm not saying my (pre-)PEP is best.  The point of putting it in 
it's infant state out there is to get the discussion rolling, not to 
claim I've got all the answers.

It seems like there are enough people who have dealt with this issue 
that we ought to be able to put something very useful together that 
would make Python much better glue.


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