[Python-Dev] Importing .pyc in -O mode and vice versa

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Sun Nov 5 21:07:03 CET 2006

On 11/5/06, Steve Holden <steve at holdenweb.com> wrote:
> [Off-list]
> Brett Cannon wrote:
> [...]
> >
> > Hopefully my import rewrite is flexible enough that people will be able
> > to plug in their own importer/loader for the filesystem so that they can
> > tune how things like this are handled (e.g., caching what files are in a
> > directory, skipping bytecode files, etc.).
> >
> I just wondered whether you plan to support other importers of the PEP
> 302 style? I have been experimenting with import from database, and
> would like to see that work migrate to your rewrite if possible.

Yep.  The main point of this rewrite is to refactor the built-in importers
to be PEP 302 importers so that they can easily be left out to protect
imports.  Plus I have made sure that doing something like .ptl files off the
filesystem is simple (a subclass with a single method overloaded) or
introducing a DB as a back-end store (should only require the
importer/loader part; can even use an existing class to handle whether
bytecode should be recreated or not).

Since a DB back-end is a specific use-case I even have notes in the module
docstring stating how I would go about doing it.

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