[Python-Dev] Path object design

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Mon Nov 6 00:43:42 CET 2006

Me [Andrew]:
> > As this is not a bug, I have added the feature request 1591035 to SF
> > titled "update urlparse to RFC 3986".  Nothing else appeared to exist
> > on that specific topic.

> Thanks. It always helps to be more specific; being less specific often
> hurts.

So does being more specific.  I wasn't trying to report a bug in
urlparse.  I figured everyone knew the problems existed.  The code
comments say so and various back discussions on this list say so.

All I wanted to do what point out that two seemingly similar problems -
path traversal of hierarchical structures - had two different expected
behaviors.  Now I've spent entirely too much time on specifics I didn't
care about and didn't think were important.

I've also been known to do the full report and have people ignore what
I wrote because it was too long.

> I find there is a difference between "urllib behaves
> non-intuitively" and "urllib gives result A for parameters B and C,
> but should give result D instead". Can you please add specific examples
> to your report that demonstrate the difference between implemented
> and expected behavior?


I consider the "../" cases to be unimportant edge cases and
I would rather people fixed the other problems highlighted in the
text I copied from 4Suite's Uri.py -- like improperly allowing a
relative URL as the base url, which I incorrectly assumed was
legit - and that others have reported on python-dev, easily found
with Google.

If I only add test cases for "../" then I believe that that's all that
will be fixed.

Given the back history of this problem and lack of followup I
also believe it won't be fixed unless someone develops a brand
new module, from scratch, which will be added to some future
Python version.  There's probably a compliance suite out there
to use for this sort of task.  I hadn't bothered to look as I am
no more proficient than others here at Google.

Finally, I see that my report is a dup.  SF search is poor.  As
Nick Coghlan reported, Paul Jimenez has a replacement for urlparse.
Summarized in
It was submitted in spring as a patch - SF# 1462525 at
which I didn't find in my earlier searching.

                dalke at dalkescientific.com

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