[Python-Dev] Using SCons for cross-compilation

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Nov 9 20:02:12 CET 2006

Anthony Baxter schrieb:
> So we'd now have 3 places to update when things change (setup.py, PCbuild 
> area, SCons)? How does this deal with the problems that autoconf has with 
> cross-compilation? It would seem to me that just fixing the extension module 
> building is a tiny part of the problem... or am I missing something?

I'm not quite sure. I believe distutils is too smart to support
cross-compilation. It has its own notion of where to look for
header files and how to invoke the compiler; these builtin
assumptions break for cross-compilation.

In any case, the patch being contributed uses SCons. If people
think this is unmaintainable, this is a reason to reject the


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