[Python-Dev] POSIX Capabilities

Matt Kern matt.kern at undue.org
Fri Nov 17 13:15:22 CET 2006

I was looking around for an interface to POSIX capabilities from Python
under Linux.  I couldn't find anything that did the job, so I wrote the
attached PosixCapabilities module.   It has a number of shortcomings:

  * it is written using ctypes to interface directly to libcap;
  * it assumes the sizes/types of various POSIX defined types;
  * it only gets/sets process capabilities;
  * it can test/set/clear capability flags.

Despite the downsides, I think it would be good to get the package out
there.  If anyone wishes to adopt it, update it, rewrite it and/or put
it into the distribution, then feel free.


Matt Kern
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