[Python-Dev] Python and the Linux Standard Base (LSB)

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Mon Nov 27 15:09:35 CET 2006

At 02:38 PM 11/27/2006 +0100, Jan Matejek wrote:
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>Phillip J. Eby napsal(a):
> > Just a suggestion, but one issue that I think needs addressing is the FHS
> > language that leads some Linux distros to believe that they should change
> > Python's normal installation layout (sometimes in bizarre ways) (...)
> > Other vendors apparently also patch Python in various
> > ways to support their FHS-based theories of how Python should install
> > files.
>+1 on that. There should be a clear (and clearly presented) idea of how
>Python is supposed to be laid out in the distribution-provided /usr
>hierarchy. And it would be nice if this idea complied to FHS.
>It would also be nice if somebody finally admitted the existence of
>/usr/lib64 and made Python aware of it ;e)

Actually, I meant that (among other things) it should be clarified that 
it's alright to e.g. put .pyc and data files inside Python library 
directories, and NOT okay to split them up.

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