[Python-Dev] Python and the Linux Standard Base (LSB)

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Thu Nov 30 19:02:47 CET 2006

On 05:37 pm, janssen at parc.com wrote:
>Perhaps "pyinstall"?

Keep in mind that Python packages will still generally be *system*-installed with other tools, like dpkg (or apt) and rpm, on systems which have them.  The name of the packaging system we're talking about is called either "eggs" or "setuptools" depending on the context.  "pyinstall" invites confusion with "the Python installer", which is a different program, used to install Python itself on Windows.

It's just a brand.  If users can understand that "Excel" means "Spreadsheet", "Outlook" means "E-Mail", and "GIMP" means "Image Editor", then I think we should give them some credit on being able to figure out what the installer program is called.

(I don't really care that much in this particular case, but this was one of my pet peeves with GNOME a while back.  There was a brief change to the names of everything in the menus to remove all brand-names: "Firefox" became "Web Browser", "Evolution" became "E-Mail", "Rhythmbox" became "Music Player".  I remember looking at my applications menu and wondering which of the 3 "music players" that I had installed the menu would run.  Thankfully this nonsense stopped and they compromised on names like "Firefox Web Browser" and "GIMP Image Editor".)
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