[Python-Dev] Tix not included in 2.5 for Windows

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Sun Oct 1 10:13:19 CEST 2006

On Sep 30, 2006, at 11:13 PM, Scott David Daniels wrote:

> Christos Georgiou wrote:
>> Does anyone know why this happens? I can't find any information  
>> pointing to
>> this being deliberate.
>> I just upgraded to 2.5 on Windows (after making sure I can build  
>> extensions
>> with the freeware VC++ Toolkit 2003) and some of my programs stopped
>> operating. I saw in a French forum that someone else had the same  
>> problem,
>> and what they did was to copy the relevant files from a 2.4.3  
>> installation.
>> I did the same, and it seems it works, with only a console message  
>> appearing
>> as soon as a root window is created:
> Also note: the Os/X universal seems to include a Tix runtime for the
>             non-Intel processor, but not for the Intel processor.   
> This
>             makes me think there is a build problem.

The OSX universal binaries don't include Tcl/Tk at all but link to  
the system version of the Tcl/Tk frameworks.


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