[Python-Dev] 2.3.6 for the unicode buffer overrun

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Fri Oct 13 04:56:35 CEST 2006

Michael Foord wrote:
> Brett Cannon wrote:
>>On 10/12/06, *Anthony Baxter* <anthony at interlink.com.au 
>><mailto:anthony at interlink.com.au>> wrote:
>>    On Friday 13 October 2006 05:30, Georg Brandl wrote:
>>    > I'm I the only one who feels that the website is a big workflow
>>    problem?
>>    Assuming you meant "Am I", then I absolutely agree with you.
>>I have touched the web site since the Pyramid switch and thus am not 
>>that active, so what I am about to say may be slightly off, but ...
>>I know AMK was experimenting with rest2web as a possible way to do the 
>>web site. 
> +1 for rest2web ;-)
>>There has also been talk about trying out another system.  But I also 
>>know some people would rather put the effort into improving Pyramid.
> Actually from the little I looked at it, pyramid seemed a very good 
> system. Particularly the SVN integration.
The real problem is the more or less complete lack of incremental 
rebuild, which does make site generation time-consuming.

The advantage of pyramid implementation was the regularisation of the 
site data.

I think we probably need to look at taking the now more-or-less regular 
data structures used to drive pyramid and find some way to use them 
(still with source control, but hopefully with much less verbiage) to 
drive something like Django.

To retain the advantages of source control this might mean using scripts 
to generate database content from SVN-controlled data files. Or 
something [waves hands vaguely and steps back hopefully].

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