[Python-Dev] 2.3.6 for the unicode buffer overrun

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Fri Oct 13 08:44:54 CEST 2006

> For reference, here's my effbot.org release procedure:
> 1) upload the distribution files one by one, as soon as they're
> available.  all links and stuff will appear automatically
> 2) update the associated description text through the web, when
> necessary, as an HTML fragment.  click "save" to publish.
> 3) mail out an announcement when everything looks good.
> Maybe I should offer Anthony to do the releases via effbot.org instead?

First off - I'm not going to be posting 10M or 16M files through a 
web-browser. That's insane :-)

The bit of the website that's dealing with the actual files is not the tricky 
bit - I have a dinky little python script that generates the download table. 
The problems are with the other bits of the pages. I keep thinking "next 
release, I'll automate it further", but never have time on the day. 

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