[Python-Dev] Promoting PCbuild8 (Was: Python 2.5 performance)

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Oct 16 21:37:56 CEST 2006

Kristján V. Jónsson schrieb:
> I must confess that I am not familiar with the buildbots.  

The challenge and work-load is primarily initially in setting it
up; in this case (for PCbuild8), there is work for both the master
and the slave sides (probably, new scripts in Tools/buildbot will
have to be created).

> I could
> imagine that it would be difficult to set up internally due to
> security concerns, but I can voice the issue here.

It's not mandatory, of course: neither that there is a PCbuild8
buildbot at all, or that it is hosted at ccpgames. It just would
reduce the chance that breakage of PCbuild8 goes unnoticed for

As for the security concerns: the buildbot slave actively opens
a networking connection to the master; you don't have to open
any additional ports on your firewalls. Of course, the master
can send the slave arbitrary commands to execute, so if the master
is taken over by some attacker, that attacker could easily get
control over all slaves also (except that you want to run the
slave in a restricted account, so that the attacker would have
to find a hole in the slave's operating system, also, before
taking the machine over completely).

As for making VS 2005 "more official": you also might have
meant that the PCbuild directory should be converted to VS 2005.
That would have a number of implications (on the buildbots,
on changes to Tools/msi, and on potential usage of VS 2007
for Python 2.6), which need to be discussed when somebody
actually proposes such a change.


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