[Python-Dev] Promoting PCbuild8

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Oct 20 07:51:33 CEST 2006

Brian Warner schrieb:
> To be precise, you have have as many build procedures per slave as you like,
> but if the procedure depends upon running on a particular platform, then it
> is unlikely that a single slave can accomodate multiple platforms.

Ah, right, I can have multiple builders per slave. That's good.

For the case of x86 and AMD64, a single slave can indeed accommodate
both platforms.

> If the x86 and the x64 builds can be run on the same machine, how do you
> control which kind of build you're doing? The decision about whether to run
> them in the same buildslave or in two separate buildslaves depends upon how
> you express this control. One possibility is that you just pass some
> different CFLAGS to the configure or compile step.. in that case, putting
> them both in the same slave is easy, and the CFLAGS settings will appear in
> your BuildFactories.

Most likely, there would be different batch files to run, although using
environment variables might also work. So I guess I could use the same
slave for both builders.

> You could create a MasterLock that is shared by just the two Builders which
> use slaves which share the same machine. That would prohibit the two Builders
> from running at the same time. (SlaveLocks wouldn't help here, because as you
> pointed out there is no way to tell the buildmaster that two slaves share a
> host).

Ah, ok.


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