[Python-Dev] ctypes and win64

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Oct 21 20:10:10 CEST 2006

Thomas Heller schrieb:
> The official Python-2.5.amd64.msi does *not* contain ctypes, so
> the official Python-2.5.x.amd64.msi should also not contain ctypes (I assume).

That would be good, yes.

> Not many people (I assume again) are running 64-bit windows, and use the 64-bit Python
> version

I also agree.

> - but that will probably change soon.

It speculation either way, but I disagree. It will take several years
until people widely use Win64. For the foreseeable future, there are
too many inconveniences to make it practical.

> I would like to merge the 64-bit windows related ctypes changes in trunk, as soon as
> I'm sure that they work, back into the release25-maint branch.  And also make separate
> ctypes releases from the release25-maint source code.  I will only backport these changes
> if I'm convinced that they do not change the functionality of tehe current code.

I understand this. Still, integrating such changes formally introduces a
new feature to the 2.5 branch (even though the feature isn't exposed
readily). Whether or not this is ok is for the release manager to

What I don't understand is what the "64-bit windows related ctypes
changes" are. Do they include changes to the PCbuild directory?


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