[Python-Dev] Optional type checking/pluggable type systems for Python

Neil Dunn ndunn at ndunn.com
Sat Oct 21 16:13:48 CEST 2006

Dear All

I'm a Master's student at Imperial College London currently selecting
a Master's thesis subject. I am exploring the possibility of "optional
typing" and "pluggable type systems" (Bracha) for Python. Reading
around I see that PEP 246 (object adaption) was dropped for "something
better". Is this "something better" currently in production for Python
3000 or just a thinking ground.

I'd like to know whether there would be any merit in exploring the
project or whether this is something that is going to appear as
implementation within the next 6 months (the length of my thesis).

If you think it is still something worth exploring I'd plan to pick up
the idea as a research project and explore implementations, probabaly
in CPython or Jython.

Any help with this would be great, could you please reply directly to
ndunn at ndunn.com as I haven't subscribed to python-dev for a while now.

Neil Dunn

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