[Python-Dev] Optional type checking/pluggable type systems forPython

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Sun Oct 22 06:04:34 CEST 2006

"Neil Dunn" <ndunn at ndunn.com> wrote in message 
news:f56dda5c0610210713k7c500637w25483e473ed263bb at mail.gmail.com...
> Dear All
> I'm a Master's student at Imperial College London currently selecting
> a Master's thesis subject. I am exploring the possibility of "optional
> typing" and "pluggable type systems" (Bracha) for Python. Reading
> around I see that PEP 246 (object adaption) was dropped for "something
> better". Is this "something better" currently in production for Python
> 3000 or just a thinking ground.

Thinking, as far as I know.

> I'd like to know whether there would be any merit in exploring the
> project or whether this is something that is going to appear as
> implementation within the next 6 months (the length of my thesis).
> If you think it is still something worth exploring I'd plan to pick up
> the idea as a research project and explore implementations, probabaly
> in CPython or Jython.
> Any help with this would be great, could you please reply directly to
> ndunn at ndunn.com as I haven't subscribed to python-dev for a while now.

You can follow both python-dev and py3000 lists as newsgroups via
news.gmane.org.  It also has archives.

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