[Python-Dev] Unicode Imports

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Sep 8 22:51:09 CEST 2006

Steve Holden schrieb:
>> As this can't be considered a bugfix (that I can see), I'd be against it being 
>> checked into 2.5. 
> Are you suggesting that Python's inability to correctly handle Unicode 
> path elements isn't a bug?

Not sure whether Anthony suggests it, but I do.

> Or simply that this inability isn't currently 
> described in a bug report on Sourceforge?

No: sys.path is specified (originally) as containing a list of byte
strings; it was extended to also support path importers (or whatever
that PEP calls them). It was never extended to support Unicode strings.
That other PEP e

> I agree it's a relatively large patch for a release candidate but if 
> prudence suggests deferring it, it should be a *definite* for 2.5.1 and 
> subsequent releases.

I'm not so sure it should. It *is* a new feature: it makes applications
possible which aren't possible today, and the documentation does not
ever suggest that these applications should have been possible. In fact,
it is common knowledge that this currently isn't supported.


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