[Python-Dev] python, lipo and the future?

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Sun Sep 17 21:29:52 CEST 2006

Just wondering: is it a good idea in the first place to create a  
universal 32/64 bit Python on MacOSX?

On MacOS you don't pay a penalty or anything for running in 32-bit  
mode on any current hardware, so the choice of whether to use 32 or  
64 bits really depends on the application. A single Python  
interpreter that can run in both 32 and 64 bit mode would possibly  
make this more difficult rather than easier. I think I'd prefer a  
situation where we have python32 and python64 (with both being ppc/ 
intel fat) and python being a symlink to either, at the end-users'  

For extension modules it's different, though: there it would be nice  
to be able to have a single module that could load into any Python  
(32/64 bit, Intel/PPC) on any applicable MacOSX version.
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