[Python-Dev] test_itertools fails for trunk on x86 OS X machine

Jack Diederich jackdied at jackdied.com
Fri Sep 22 04:08:58 CEST 2006

On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 03:28:04PM -0700, Grig Gheorghiu wrote:
> On 9/21/06, Jack Diederich <jackdied at jackdied.com> wrote:
> > The python binary is out of step with the test_itertools.py version.
> > You can generate this same error on your own box by reverting the
> > change to itertoolsmodule.c but leaving the new test in test_itertools.py
> >
> > I don't know why this only happened on that OSX buildslave
> Not sure what you mean by out of step. The binary was built out of the
> very latest itertoolsmodule.c, and test_itertools.py was also updated
> from svn. So they're both in sync IMO. That tests passes successfully
> on all the other buildslaves in the Pybots farm (x86 Ubuntu, Debian,
> Gentoo, RH9, AMD-64 Ubuntu)

When I saw the failure, first I cursed (a lot).  Then I followed the repr
all the way down into stringobject.c, no dice.  Then I noticed that the
failure is exactly what you get if the test was updated but the old
module wasn't.

Faced with the choice of believing in a really strange platform specific 
bug in a commonly used routine that resulted in exactly the failure caused 
by one of the two files being updated or believing a failure occurred in the
long chain of networks, disks, file systems, build tools, and operating 
systems that would result in only one of the files being updated -
I went with the latter.

I'll continue in my belief until my dying day or until someone with OSX
confirms it is a bug, whichever comes first.



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