[Python-Dev] Python network Programmign

Raja Rokkam rokkamraja at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 15:19:44 CEST 2006

   I am currently doing my final year project "Secure mobile Robot
Management" . I have done the theoretical aspects of it till now and now
thinking of coding it .

I would like to code in Python , but i am new to Python Network Programming
Some of features of my project are:

1.  Each robot can send data to any other robot.
2. Each robot can receive data from any other robot.
3.  Every Robot has atleast 1 other bot in its communication range.
4.  maximum size of a data packet is limited to 35 bytes
5.  each mobile robot maintains a table with routes
6.  all the routes stored in the routing table include a ï¬eld named
7.  Route Discovery Process initiated if there is no known route to other
8. There is no server over here .
9. every bot should be able to process the data from other bots and both
     need to be supported.

Assume the environment is gridded mesh and bots exploring the area. They
need to perform a set of tasks (assume finding some locations which are
dangerous or smthing like that).

My main concern is how to go about modifying the headers such that
everything fits in 35bytes .
I would like to know how to proceed and if any links or resources in this
regard. How to modify the headers ? ie. all in 35 bytes .

Thank You,
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